Faced with the overwhelming workload of her studies and the grim realities of the climate crisis. An anxious student joins a community garden and makes friends with a variety of characters. But can she finish her quest and join the party?

3 quests to complete in this adventure full of gardening, community and yummy food.

A game by:

By alphabet order

Chiara Covino

Lydia Hatcher

Niva Kay

Olivier Penchenier

Anjali Shibu

Made for Women in Games + Into Games Jam 2021

A big thank you to our mentor

Tom Bradstreet

Made with Fungus for Unity 3D


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Hey fellow jammers, nice game! I liked the cow joke and I got the pizza and Indian food endings. :D I can't tell if you made the music yourselves, but I think it worked well!

Thanks, dream team, well done on completing 2 quests! We were lucky to have our talented sound designer Olivier write the music for the game.